The eldest daughter of the late iconic freedom fighter and South African President, Nelson Mandela, is being sued after she put his belongings on sale.

The South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA) and the department of sports, arts and culture are suing Makaziwe and want 30 listed items to be returned to South Africa.

The list of items include.

1. Nelson Mandela beige floral shirt


2. A. Pen given to Mandela by former US President, George W Bush.

3. A book signed by Mandela titled From Freedom to Future – Tributes and Speeches.

4. A book titled Jewish Memories of Mandela.

5. Breaking Fire ( An original pinging by Mandela).

6. Mandela’s 2000 BT Era Global multi channel Multi screen award.

7. A bust of Mandela by sculptor Charles Gothard.

8. Reflections of Robben Island : Series 1 and Series 2 by Mandela.

9. A US Mint Mandela coin.

10. A copy of Moral courage : Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Ghandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr, which was gifted to Mandela.

The key to Mandela 'Robben Island Key is being sold for R17 million

11. A Holy Q’uran in a Kaaba box, given to Mandela by former US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle.

12. An inscribed family copy of Mandela : The Authorised Portrait.

13. A copy of 35 Sonnets by Fernando Pessoa, given to Mandela.

14. A tennis racquet used by Mandela on Robben Island.

15. A silver box given to Mandela.

16. A drawing titled, The Lighthouse, Robben Island, by Mandela.

17. A lithograph by Mandela titled Hand of Africa.

18. Mandela ‘s Robben Island jail key cell.

19. The first bronze sculpture of Mandela.

20. Mandela’ s Ray-Ban Aviator glasses.

21. Mandela ‘s unique gold medallion.

22. South Africa’ s national constitution, signed by Mandela.

22. A gift from Mandela from a former UN Secretary General.

23. Fiorini d’Oro (gold coins) given to Mandela by the Mayor of Florence.

24. A bust of Mandela titled Tatamkhulu.

Nelson Mandela with his first wife Evelyn Mase on their wedding day in 1944.

Makaziwe Mandela and the late  Makgatho Mandela are the children of Mandela and his first wife, Evelyn Mase.