International sports brand, Nike, has launched a campaign in support of popular South African athelete, Caster Semenya.

A double page advert campaign was published in national newspapers like The Sowetan.

The campaign, which is titled ‘Everybody has a right to run’ is accompanied by a picture of Caster running with the caption:

‘How good can a woman be until she’s too good to be a woman’? 

I am Mokgadi Caster Semenya. 


I am a woman and I am fast. 

I worked, I trained, I dedicated my entire life to running. 

That’s what makes me good. 

But apparently, too good for some. 

So good that I am denied the right to run my race. Unless I take medication to change the body that I was born with. 

So good that I’m left with no choice but to compete in a distance 6 times longer. 

So good that my genitalia and DNA  are scrutinized. 

Why must womanwood fit within such narrow standards? 

Being too good doesn’t make a woman any less of a woman. 

It only challenges limitations of how good a woman can be. 

Please see pictures of the campaign below.