Playboy BUSINESSMAN, Edwin Sodi, has refuted reports that he is marrying Karen Zulu.

City Press newspaper reports that Sodi wrote in a family Whatsapp Group and said.

Sodi said this invitation is fake

Someone with a mental issue decided to create a wedding invitation and post it on social media.

Sodi told City Press newspaper that he will be tracing the person that leaked his private address.


He told the newspaper that:

“Karen and I are fine, It’s unfortunate that this person shared information about where I live…” 

Friends told The newspaper that Sodi, who has been dating Karen for  over 2 years, sent a delegation to Karen’s parents in KZN to pay lobola.

However, he can not have a white wedding with Karen as he is still married to his ex wife Nthateng Lerata.

Please read the full story in today’s City Press newspaper – 17 July 2022.