Musician Intaba Yase Dubai revealed on Facebook that despite being a voice in Imali Eningi, he has not received any royalties.

Imali Eningi became a hit and it was streamed more than a million times on musical platforms. There was also a challenge about Imali Eningi.

Nota wants Big Zulu who is also featured on the song, to help Intaba Yase Dubai. Below is what he posted.



“When I left Rap Lyf I asked Kwesta to take care of TLT & Makwa… They stopped paying for Makwa’s car insurance & then they kicked TLT out of the house where a studio was built for them. Then Big Zulu moved in & took the H1 bus they were using as well. I saw this coming!

When no-one wanted to give Big Zulu an opportunity @rashid_kay believed & stuck by him. Then Rap Lyf collapsed so Big Zulu was roped in to replace Kwesta as the cash cow. Rashid was left behind like a used condom. Shame thing happened to Intaba after the song’s popularity faded!

If I was Big Zulu I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. All that money, all those cars & all those opportunities made him forget about Intaba Yase Dubai saving his career. When someone does what Intaba did for Zulu then one can’t allow them to starve or ignore the cries for help!”