Sophie Lichaba had an in depth interview on King David Studio where she revealed unknown secrets about her life.

Early Life

1. Sophie says she was born in Soweto, Mafula street where she grew up with her grandparents. She was born in 1975.

2. She had two sisters and a brother. One of her sisters died  at the age of 24 when Sophie was 17 years old.


3. Sophie’s older sister and brother  are now in their early 60s. She says there is a 10 year gap between her and the other two siblings and she is the baby of the family.

4. Her mother was a spiritual healer. Her father met her when she was treating him for kidney problems.

5. Sophie ‘s father was a boxer. He went to Fort Hare University and spoke English and Afrikaans. He had a certificate in theology.

6. Sophie said her father was Sotho, from the Vaal. He died at 85. Her grandparents died in their late 90s.

7. Sophie went to Zimbabwe where she was in an opharnage.

8. Her sister was already married in Zimbabwe at the age of around 18. She lived on a farm with cows and crops.

9. Sophie can speak shona fluently.

10. After some time she did not want to live on the farm. She wrote her mother a letter as her brother in law was abusive. Her mother came to Zimbabwe and put her into a boarding school. Her sister found an opharnage, her name was using the name Sophie Matereke. She went to the opharnage which was free of charge.

11. The opharnage is in Eastlea, Harare and it was well funded.

12. There was an old man who used to bring cake on everyone ‘s birthday.

13. Sophie said there were a lot of ghosts at the opharnage.

14. Sophie was at the opharnage for four years until she was Grade 7 years old.

Sophie said many Zimbabweans believe that she is Zimbabwean who is faking to be South African like Tich Mataz.

15. After the opharn age, Sophie started working  for a wealth family. The family had butcherie and 8 shops. She got pregnant by the son of the family.

17. When she got pregnant at 16, she was given a house in Hyde Park. She was given a car and a butler.

18. One day she felt dissatisfied with the life and asked for money to go and visit her family.

19. She never returned back to Zimbabwe.




Sophie’s son is now 22 years old. Her daughter Rudo is 32 years old.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.