Former Prisons boss Arthur Fraser has finally revealed why he was forced to release former President Jacob Zuma. Zuma had only served 2 months out of his 15 months imprisonment.

Zuma had been jailed after the Constitutional Court ruling found him guilty of contempt of court. Zuma was released on medical parole but critics contended that he was not eligible for such.

The release was made just a few days before Arthur Fraser’s term as Prisons boss came to an end.

Fraser said his decision to release Jacob Zuma on medical parole was motivated by concerns about unrest if the former head of state’s health was recklessly jeopardised rather than his relationship with Zuma.


He felt like Jacob Zuma’s health would deteriorate while he was in prison resulting in yet another outbreak of societal unrest. Fraser said Zuma’s political outstanding had nothing to do with him getting medical parole.

The former Prisons boss worked under Jacob Zuma’s administration. Fraser said he worked well under Zuma and that was not an excuse for him to disrespect the law.

He also served as the Director General of the State Security Agency during Zuma’s presidency a position that was marred with controversy.