Popular DJ Euphonik (Themba Mbongeni Nkosi), confirmed that he received a message yesterday from the woman who accused him and DJ Fresh of r_ape.

It has also emerged that the woman was lying about being a virgin, after a Diepsloot man came forward and revealed to police that he slept with her in his car, on the night of the alleged r_ape in March 2011.

Speaking to the Sunday World newspaper, Euphonik said the woman sent him the message on Saturday morning apologizing for lying about the case.

Euphonik said:


I would not like to discuss it with the media, but this is bad for guys because if this kind of storm hits some guy who doesn’t know how to fight it, what would happen? He would hang himself.

Asked by the newspaper if he was going to press any criminal case against the woman, Euphonik said he would wait for advise from his lawyers. However, he said police should open a perjury case against the woman.

Please read the full story in today’s Sunday World Newspaper – 28 February 2020.