A Cape Town mother whose baby was delivered by an emergency C-section at only 25 weeks while she was unconscious and on ventilator support for Covid-19 was overjoyed to meet her baby boy for the first time today.

A Newzroom Afrika reporter who was present at the meeting said it was an emotional encounter as the mother was dealing with trauma as she had no idea if the baby had survived.

In December the mother went in for a pregnancy routine check up with her doctor that’s when she started experiencing short breath.

A rapid test came back negative and during the second test she collapsed and whilst she was on a ventilator that’s when doctors noticed her complications and decided to deliver the baby on the 16th of December.

At the beginning of 2020 she had given birth to a premature baby at 28 weeks and the baby only lived for about 3 days.

After being discharged she went into isolation and for 19 days they were separated. On the 24th of December the police came and told her that the hospital was looking for her.

The mother is a frontline worker and she was contact tracing people and calling people who had tested positive when she contracted the virus.