A police report has been made over the theft of the popular song, John Vuli Gate, after the group, Scara Chilli Ya Baba said Mapara A Jazz stole the song.

Daily sun reports that Mapara A Jazz, which is made up of McMillan ‘Man Malaya’ and Leornard Malatji, is accused of stealing the song from McMillan’s brother, Ndivhuwo Nephawe and his group.

Scara Chilli Ya Baba claim the song John Vuli Gate Was stolen from their studios

Ndivhuwo Nephawe, Dominic Baloyi, and Tsokotla Moatse, who make up the group Scara Chilli Ya Baba, claim that Mapara A Jazz stole the beat concept and the vocals file from their studio.

On the other hand, Ntosh Gaz says he made the song trend because of his popularity.


Mapara A Jazz told the Daily Sun that even though they recorded the song at the Scara Chilli ya Baba studios, it was theirs.

Police Spokesman, Captain Mavela Mason do told the Daily Sun that police are investigating.

Please read the full story in today’s Daily Sun – 27 October 2020.