Gaopie Kabe, one of the few female cinematographers in the world Speaks to Thando Thabethe about her career.

Gaopie has done work on amazing films such as  The River, The Hustle, Side Dish, Thulas Vine, Measure of a Woman, Because You are a Woman and Valedictory.

What is Cinematography? 

Gaopie says a cinematographer is the person in charge of the lights and cameras department.


Key Points

1. There are many ways to get into cinematography

2. You can get a degree in cinematography or learn on the job.

3. Gaopie says she has a school excursion in 2011 where they visited the Phat Joe Show.

4. Gaopie said she was amazed by the cameras and lights and a new world was opened for her.

5. She then went to Boston Media House to study cinematography. She abandoned plans to study engineering.

6. As a female, you have to be visible. This is because there are only 5 cinematographers in the world.

7. There is a difference in how cinematographers are treated based on race and gender.

8. Being from Johannesburg and working her way up has made a big difference.

9. People in the industry in Johannesburg have seen her working her way up from the bottom.

10. A good cinematographer takes a Director ‘s vision and make it come to life.

11. Aspiring cinematographers have the advantage noqadays that the internet is widely available. They need to do their research.

12. If you have funds to go to school, go and study and do it.

13. Training and being an intern is the best way to learn.

Please watch the video above for more details