Isibaya actress Ayanda Borotho has taken the fight against Gender Based Violence to her daughter’s school. She did an interview with Newzroom Afrika and she also posted her frustrations on Instagram.

She said children were not safe at schools. This after children at her daughter’s school held a silent protest against their Deputy Principal who seems to be in support of GBV.

The Deputy Principal told the children that if they are violated, they shouldn’t blame anyone but themselves because of how they dressed.

The Principal applauded his Deputy’s words when the children approached him. When Ayanda tried to get hold of him the Principal hung up on her.


The incident happened at Bracken High school where parents were forced to stand up for their children whose voices were being silenced.

Ayanda called on women to shun language that pepertuates Gender Based Violence.


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Where do I start? On Monday children at my daughter's school held a silent protest against their Deputy Principal who told them "should something happen to them they must not blame anyone because of how they were dressed." The principal reiterated the same adding "if he too was feeling uncomfortable…" insinuating the boys of the school are. The boys wanted NO PART OF THAT statement. I went to confront the principal on Monday, I was refused entry. The children had been in the sun for 2 days. I called him, he hung up on me. I then called Bhut Panyaza (who acted immediately to get us assistance). I called other organizations to help. I sent an email to the principal stating THIS WILL NOT GO AWAY. I was called by the Chair of the SGB to pacify me for a white racist, even asking me to come and have tea with him and the principal when I arrived yesterday. I AM NOT CAPTURED. I REFUSED! 1. Our children ARE hurt. They were gaslighted and dismissed in the guise of "you are misquoting me." They have endured YEARS of racism and bullying by white teachers that has created the TRAUMA you see here! 2. These schools have BLACK SGB'S whose mandate is to protect white supremacy and NOT TO SERVE THE PEOPLE. 3. After all this, a DOE representative dismissed the meeting claiming the importance of the pass rate! Hhhai ke, it "kinda" went south from there. 4. When the principal charged at me because I was stopping him and his Deputy from leaving, OUR BLACK PEOPLE (SGB protected him). Not me. I was not going to allow a racist white man intimidate me. 5. We were not prepared to leave without the matter being unresolved. They called security and police on children and women! It didn't work! The few black husbands, fathers and boys of the school made sure no one touched us. 5. EFFs MP Thembi Msane and her team were there. They made sure constitutional protocol was being observed. I realised there are many technicalities we could have been dribbled on had they been absent. 6. THE DEPUTY WAS EVENTUALLY SUSPENDED WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT. This here is the class of 2020 at Bracken High. Black parents (very few of us stood with our children). We are ready for WAR. Enough!

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