Black Coffee was trending on Twitter in the past few days on assumptions that he was dating Love Island UK star Alexandra Cane.

This morning he tweeted, “Mas’dlaleni uTwitter, who’s trending today, who’s falling, who are we trolling, who’s marriage are we having opinions on, who’s trash who’s not, who are we cancelling.”

The tweet continued, “Like God who are we judging, who’s relationship is falling apart while ours is perfect, who’s not perfect, Masimhlekeni.”

A tweep replied saying,” Can’t we just laugh and have a good time without doing all that? Anyway don’t you miss uMbali? If you don’t how did you get over her? I need some tips.”


Black Coffee was not having any of it and he said,” laugh at what exactly? Looking at your account would you laugh when people make jokes about your kid being Albino?”

The woman had posted on her timeline, a picture of her 7 year old son who is celebrating his 7th birthday.

Even though some tweeps defended Black Coffee, most of them called him out saying he shouldn’t have dragged the child into the drama and that no one chose albinism.