Thato is a successful black South African Real Estate investor. Real estate is one of the growing businesses in South Africa as demand for quality housing and BnBs keeps growing in the country’s major cities.

Thato buys real estate properties which he then renovates into Bread and Breakfasts so that he can make money. Thato revealed that he spent about six months just looking at properties in Johannesburg and East Rand.

He practiced as an engineer but he had always dreamt of doing business. One of his Air Bread and Breakfast is currently making him about R50 000 to R70 000 a month.

He had to do renovations of up to R600 000 in order for his property to meet high quality standards for his guests.

Thato said the properties need maintenance now and then. He has to paint the property every five years inside and out.

He also has people who maintain the gardens and grounds. Some do the cleaning inside the house for guests to feel comfortable in a clean environment.