Khaya Dladla who is popularly known as GC on SABC 1 telenovela Uzalo has revealed how he survived Covid-19.

He wrote on Twitter, “Today marks the 14th day in isolation after testing positive for Covid-19. I feel 100% and I just wish more people will understand the power of your mind, #Covid-19 #Covid #Khaya Dlaldla.”

He added that 14 days of isolation have been a journey of introspection, new habits and return of some old ones. He also said the journey was an emotional and psychological battle.

He continued on Twitter, “As soon as your mind tells your lungs you can’t breathe…YOU WILL NOT BREATH, as soon as your mind tells your body you are dying…YOU WILL DIE.”

Khaya urged everyone to take care of themselves. He also revealed that he has been working from home. A couple of celebrities have tested positive for Covid-19 including Enhle Mbali and Abdul Khoza.