Wealthy businesswoman and Somizi’s friend, Shauwn Mkhize, has shared that Mary Twala’s recent passing reminded her of a profound lesson.

She encouraged her followers to keep the lesson for themselves.

The reality star took to her Instagram to send condolences to her friend after the funeral, and shared the words from Somizi’s speech that gave her food for thought.

“What a graceful, respectable farewell ceremony. Somizi, my friend, you did well. Your words today were very profound and so real it has touched me. Some of the things we take for granted without realising the impact,” she said.

Shauwn said she believes Mam’ Mary was a powerful ancestor who would help Somizi reach even greater heights from the spiritual realm.

She concluded by saying that she still don’t know which is the better time to lose your parents, when you are young and have no understanding or when you are older.