DJ Zinhle is living a mother’s worst nightmare right now. AKA announced on Friday that he had tested positive for Covid-19. AKA and DJ Zinhle have been dating on and off and they have a daughter together.

DJ Zinhle is not only worried about AKA’s health but that of her daughter Kairo as well. AKA was present at their daughter’s 5th birthday that was held two days before AKA announced that he had tested positive for Coronavirus.

When AKA took to Twitter to tell his fans about his results for Covid-19, many thought he was lying or joking. He however has posted photos of his medical equipment and medicine he was trying.

DJ Zinhle was interview by the Citizen and that’s when she revealed that there could be a possibility that she and Kairo are in danger as they were exposed.

She also revealed during the interview that she was super paranoid and was fearing for her daughter who has never left the house since lockdown began but now she might test positive for Covid-19.

DJ Zinhle added that it was now lockdown level five at her house. Packages are left at her garage and then sanitised. She also said anyone coming to her house must have a protective overall and shoes.