Over the weekend Moshe Ndiki and Phelo Bala made headlines with news of their toxic relationship. The two have come out giving their side of the story.

An article published on Sunday 5 July reported that Moshe Ndiki had heavily beaten up Phelo Bala leaving him bleeding and also with a huge cut on his head.

Phelo revealed to have suffered abuse from Moshe. He took to Twitter and wrote. “The first lie was we are together when you got the call from the paper. The second lie is that I am your Phelo. I can’t afford a PR spin so I’ll leave it with this”.

Phelo Bala accused Moshe of resorting to comfortable lies saying that the truth will soon come out. Moshe Ndiki also did an open letter telling his side.

“I have in no way abused Phelo, and I am prepared to follow the legal route to prove this fact”, said Moshe.

He added that he had suffered all kinds of abuse from Phelo and that friends and family knew about it. He also said Phelo Bala was aggressive when he is under the influence of alcohol.

He concluded by wishing that Phelo must go to rehab and get some help. Moshe said the allegations were false. Both parties are accusing each other of being abusive.