In honour of father’s day actress Enhle Mbali posted a heartfelt message on social media dedicated to her mother who played a role of a father in her life.

The actress was raised by her single mother. Enhle shared a picture of herself and her mother and captioned it, “Happy Father’s Day”.

A follower challenged Enhle and wished Enhle’s ex husband DJ Black Coffee a happy father’s day. The follower also told Enhle that she shouldn’t look down on father’s day just because she doesn’t have a father.

In her response Enhle said,” A whole man uphapha kunjena ufunani ezindabeni zabantu when you don’t know things. Ube yindoda bhudi, Jesus bless us with men”.

The mother of two basically told the man to mind their business and stop interfering in other’s people’s businesses. She asked Jesus to bless her with a man. Enhle and Black Coffee have two children together.