Musa Mseleku’s 4 wives sit down together to discuss about secrets, trust and controversy in relationships.

The women talk about married people who will continue having conversations with their ex partners. 

The quartet revealed that such actions bring problems in marriages as there was no reason for married people to be having conversations with their past lovers unless if they have a child together.

They also talked about side chicks or women who have love relationships with married men. They said side chicks have a way of positioning themselves in someone’s marriage, as they start acting like they are part of the family.

They also touched on trust in a marriage. They said if the element of trust is lost in a relationship, couples end up going their separate ways. However they said women are being forced by families sometimes to stay in marriages where there is no trust.

They concluded by saying that their advise was directed to both men and women, married and those not married as they will get tips on how to take good care of their love partners.