Musician and reality television star Papa Penny finally answered his critics. He came under heavy fire with viewers of his reality show who accused him of mistreating his wife.

Tweeps said he always showed his tendencies but crossed the line when he flew Business class while his wife and child were in Economy.

In an interview with Tshisa Live he rubbished these accusations and said they were rubbish. He said he was not as rich as people thought. He also said those concerned about his family must give him money to take care of them.

“You can not make everyone happy, my reality show is not a drama. It is my reality, I won’t hide anything. I am not rich, I am not a Motsepe. I will never be famous because I am rich”, he said.

He added that he was going to welcome everyone criticising him to come and give him money to take care f his wife and children.

According to him he paid for sixteen people on the plane and everyone was happy where they were sitting. He also denied abusing his wife and revealed that his wife was a happy woman.