Connie and Shona Ferguson have been getting a lot of hate from their employees. Recently, an actor accused them for underpaying their employees.

Dineo Langa also hinted on the same thing after revealing that she was fired from “The Queen”.

Rami Chuene who was also dismissed from the Ferguson productions said she stood up to them thus she was fired.

However, Zenande Mfenyane has a different side to share. The actress who plays Goodness Mabuza is not happy with how some actors are speaking of her employers.


She took it to social media and said she will not entertain people badmouthing her bosses. She added that those who have negative thoughts about the Fergusons must not mention her.

Zenande also said people must learn to respect each other, hence hands off the Fergusons.

She made it clear that she is not against the Fergusons at all and does not agree with the spreading accusations.