DJ Black Coffee is organising a march against Gender Based Violence (GBV). GBV has been a hot topic in South Africa especially on social media.

South African women are tired of the abuse and killings of women. Other celebrities including Boity Thulo have condemned the killing of women. Black Coffee is leading the campaign against GBV.

Instructions about the march were given and they included wearing masks, no looting and no violence. This was accepted well as a step in the right direction.

However allegations rose that Black Coffee shielded the abuse of women at his company. A woman who used to work for him revealed this on Twitter.

The woman claimed that she worked under Black Coffee’s leadership but she left because of the emotional and psychological abuse that she reported to Black Coffee who chose to do nothing about it

The woman found it ironic that Black Coffee was now arranging a march against GBV. Black Coffee confirmed that indeed the woman left his company but he wasn’t aware of the abuse since the accuser remained friends with the accused.