Lil Wayne interviews Dr. Dre on his young money radio show to talk about the death of Row Days, the recent tragic events involving George Floyd and Dr. Dre’s career.

Dr. Dre’s career began in the 90s but it failed to pick up till the late 90s and the early 2000s when he was introduced to the likes of Eminem and Snoopy Dog.

Dr. Dre sacrificed a lot including partying ways with major recording artists because he believed in his own talent and not the money. This motivated even Lil Wayne himself.

He has helped so many upcoming artists some of which ended up winning Grammy awards. Kendrick Lamar is one of the rappers signed by Dr. Dre.

He revealed that he has been married for 26 years. The support from his wife and children is what pushed him this far.

Dr. Dre found it hard to talk about his accomplishments at a time when Black people are being killed by police in America.

He added that he was so hurt about the brutal murder of George Floyd. He demanded that the police involved be charged with first degree murder.