Skeem Saam fans are asking for Jub Jub to investigate Kwaito for cheating on both Glenda and Lizzy. Kwaito recently shared a passionate kiss with Glenda despite him being in a relationship with Lizzy.

Skeem Saam fans have just had enough of Kwaito’s two timing ways. Viewers have taken to social media to gossip about Kwaito’s cheating ways that left both Lizzy and Glenda dancing to his tune.

Most of the fans have decided that it’s time for Jub Jub and Uyajola 9/9 team to intervene in this situation. Kwaito is a character played by Clement Maosa.

Kwaito sidelined Glenda a few episodes ago despite the fact that she turned down an international scholarship just to be with him. At that same moment Kwaito started a relationship with Lizzy.

This week Glenda and Kwaito shared a passionate kiss at Glenda’s flat therefore leading to a frenzy on Twitter. Mzansi are calling on Jub Jub to come and sort out Kwaito before it’s too late.