Sam Mshengu was born in Mkwarela in Venda, South Africa. His beginnings were not as rosy as his current days. He lost his father two days after birth while on a military mission in Congo.

Mshengu began working at an orange farm in Limpopo where he picked oranges. He was later promoted to the logistics department where he learnt everything about the trucking business.

He was later promoted to be a driver transporting goods to Zambia and other countries. His boss promoted him to be the controller, one in charge of all truck drivers. He started his own trucking business, Sam Holdings in 2014.

He started by using his boss’s trucks and ended up making R300 thousand per month. He saved R3 million which he used to buy three trucks. He currently owns 52 trucks.

Sam Holdings was arrested in 2020 in connection to his citizenship status. Investigations reports suggested that he was a Zimbabwean. It was revealed in court that his real name is Gilbert Tachiona born in Zimbabwe.

He was granted bail of R500 thousand. On 3 March 2020, Sam Holdings reportedly wrote a suicide note to his wife saying he was going to throw himself into a dam or a crocodile river.