Earlier this week a video was uploaded on Twitter where a woman accused Somizi Mhlongo of having monopoly over the entertainment industry.

It was titled ‘An Open Letter To Somizi’. The video went viral on Twitter and divided South African Tweeps into two, with some taking sides for and against Somizi.

The woman spoke about how hard it was to find a job in the entertainment industry while Somizi Mhlongo was getting jobs from everywhere, thus from radio to television.

“I wake up early and go for auditions and stand in queues with many people in front of me not knowing when it will be my turn. But here is a person called Somizi, he is all over TV, where are we supposed to work if he gets all the jobs.

She said Somizi should pick a lane and stick to it like other entertainers. She said Kelly Khumalo chose to stick to music so that she could give others a chance.

The woman added that Somizi on the other hand is on SA Idols, Comedy Show, he is even on Metro FM. ” I see him on TV and also hear him on radio, it’s too much,” she said.

She also said that Somizi must step down so that he can open the space for others. She went further to say the same people were getting rich whilst others remained jobless.