The identity of the father of actress Zola Nombona’s unborn child was shrouded in mystery but now it has been confirmed that it’s non other than actor Thomas Gumede.

The excited father to be is counting the days and he took to Twitter to share his joy. He shared pictures of his unborn child’s ultrasound scan.

The thread started with how Zola told him about the baby. “I remember clearly the day I found out about you. Your mother looked at me and said I am pregnant and how she proceeded to cry”, he wrote.

The actor spoke on the journey of his child in the womb. He wrote:” As I watched you grow from trying to feel for the first kick to begging you to stop guguluzing and playing soccer in your mother’s tummy, now in third trimester”.

He then talked about the relationship he has already built with his unborn child. He said,

“I have felt waves of emotions everytime I think of you and everytime you respond to my voice or my touch. But more importantly you have given me something that I couldn’t give myself. I have been fortunate to live the life I have, a life of doing what I love with intense passion”.

The thread ended with Thomas promising to do the best he can to give his child the life he deserves.