Elon Musk’s journey started from being a computer geek to becoming a multi- billionaire. He is the founder of Tesla motors and these are some of the cars he owns.

His first car was the 1978 BMW 3201, he bought it for 1400 dollars in 1994 from an onwer who wanted to get rid of it. After making some profit from Zip 2 a company he Co owned with his brother, he then bought the 1967 Jaguar IE-Series for about 35 thousand dollars.

Musk and his brother sold their company Zip 2 for 1,5 billion dollars after it merged with PayPal. He bought a McLaren F1 for 1,3 million dollars. He later sold it for 1 million dollars after it crashed.

He then bought a Lotus ESPRIT submarine car for 920 thousand dollars and declared to transform it into a real submarine transforming car.

Since his family is growing, he bought a big Audi Q7 and a Hamann BMW M5. He bought these cars for their horsepower and luxurious interiors. Musk bought a Porsche 911 in 2012.

In addition to that he has classic cars including the Ford Mortal T which he got as a gift from a friend. He also owns the Telsa SP100D electric car which can be charged by sun. He also owns the Telsa Cyber electric Truck which has all capabilities of an SUV.