Nonhle Thema is a South African television presenter, actress and businesswoman who recently launched her own fragrance. She chats about her entrepreneurial skills the social distancing way with Afternoon Express.

Nonhle revealed that she had a spiritual journey about her weight thus she decided to lose 13 kilograms. She did not like her body and weight that stood at 75 kilograms.

She said self love is important, she had to rediscover herself during the lockdown. Nonhle started eating healthy and now she is happy with how her body looks.

She added that she was having a great time bonding with her husband and daughter during the lockdown. She has become a teacher to her daughter. Besides that she is reading books and catching up on favourite shows with her husband.

Nonhle has also started a business of self custom made masks while in lockdown. Her home made masks impressed a lot of people thus she ended up sending designs to a manufacturer. She is now supplying big companies with masks for their workers.

She urged South Africans to stay calm, positive and not to panic during this period of Covid-19.