The Real Housewives of Johannesburg is a reality show that looks at the lives of six glamorous and wealthy Johannesburg women from their luxurious houses to their prestigious family lives and all the drama comes with being rich.

The ladies flew to KwaZulu-Natal for the Annual Vodacom Durban July which is one of South Africa’s biggest events. The trip was organised by one of the ladies Christall .

As the host Christall got the opportunity to choose the biggest room whilst Lethabo and Ms Mops also got some of the best rooms since they arrived before the other ladies.

Brinnette came last and could not get a better room. Ms Mops jokingly said there is no room for you Brinnette. Brinnette took offense as she said Ms Mops was throwing shade by going as far as saying the room for Brinnette was in the maid’s quarters.

After all the drama the ladies dress for the event. Ms Mops’ outfit was not so befitting for the event. As for Brinnette she did better with her pink outfit which came along with a hat. Lethabo dressed well but Christall did not do so good.

Christall who recently got divorced, found herself an Indian man at the Durban July. Ms Gunguluza’s outfit was not so bad for the event. The second season is filled with drama as compared to the previous season that featured Madam Evodia.