Bishop Zondo’s sister have exposed him as a false and adulterous prophet. She said in an audio that the Bishop has been going around sleeping with different women even when he was married.

She said Zondo was sickening as he stands in the pulpit and act as if he is innocent. He once cursed people in his church with death for sleeping around.

The sister also revealed that she will never have Zondo lay his hands on her head because the Bishop was not as innocent. Many other people have gone broke after being laid hands by Zondo.

Multi-millionaires found themselves in deep financial crisis after Zondo laid his hands on their heads. There are several other people with testimonies that implicates Zondo as a false prophet.

She added that Zondo was a fraud to be watched and careful not to hang around. She revealed that Zondo is a dangerous and a mysterious man amongst the ladies and church youth members.