Reverend Frank Chikane has responded to Duduzane Zuma’s accusations that he lied about details surrounding Jacob Zuma’s wife Kate Mantsho Zuma who committed suicide.

This comes after former president Jacob Zuma’s controversial Zoom video call with Duduzane Zuma where the duo discussed the death of Duduzane’s mother Kate Mantsho.

Mantsho Zuma was the third wife of then Vice President Jacob Zuma and the two shared five children together. She took an overdose of anti-malaria drugs.

Rev. Chikane revealed that Mantsho Zuma was in distress when he arrived and that’s when he decided to call the ambulance. He added that, Mantsho sent one of her sons to get a note from the drawer, which she handed over to Chikane.

The paper was a suicide note. Chikane informed Zuma about Mantsho’s death and the suicide note which he handed over to Zuma. Months later, Chikane was accused of leaking the letter.

The Reverend also revealed that he was on the firing line because Mantsho chose him and not the family when she was about to pass away. The other reason is that he received the suicide note.

He also added that he never wrestled to get the note from Mantsho. Falsehoods are being spread because Mantsho Zuma disclosed to him the reason why she decided to commit suicide.