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Vusi Thembekwayo Reducing His Number Of Employees

Ghana’s award winning global business speaker Kwame Opoku chats with two time public speaking world champion and South African venture capitalist, Vusi Thembekwayo the social distancing way about companies reducing the number of their employees due to Covid-19.

Vusi Thembekwayo revealed that coronavirus was affecting businesses globally and no one was able to fight the forces of nature. Businesses and individuals therefore must go digital and be able to thrive even during such times like the current outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

He said for one to succeed in achieving their goals they must not compromise who they are. He added that the African youths must know that nobody in the world was better than the next person. Learning never stops even after graduating with a PhD.

Vusi also stressed out that in business, money is just a means of exchange, one must have enough money so that they wouldn’t worry about where they will get their next meal. He said people must treat money as a multiplier rather than as a definer.

He said in your quest in whatever you are doing, one must seek wisdom. People must listen to themselves, nature and to the creator during these days of isolation.