Nomzamo Mbatha has been thinking of the tragedies she has faced in her life. Because of the lockdown the actress has been over thinking about the tragedy of losing her sister Carla to suicide.

The actress took to Instagram to talk about the sad phase she went through. She posted a picture wearing a t-shirt written, “silence the shame”. She dedicated the post to her sister Carla.

“I have experienced many tragedies in my life. But the one that sucker punched me was finding my baby sister in our family garden after she had taken her own life. It is a heartbreak that I will never fully recover from but will always be in the process of healing from”, she wrote.

She went on to talk about the questions that tormented her of whether she could have done something to stop her sister from committing suicide.

“I felt guilt and shame, was I not good enough for her to live for, was I a good sister, what signs did I miss….why did I get on that flight the night before because if I was home the next morning she wouldn’t have gotten a chance to execute her plan”, said Nomzamo.

Nomzamo Mbatha lost her sister, Carla in December 2014 after she took her own life. She also thanked Shanti Das, the founder of “silence the shame”, for allowing her and many others to silence the shame.