Singer-rapper Boity Thulo has been accused of stealing a song. She is being accused by a UK based rapper Karen Francis.

The song ‘Bakae’ which Boity released in February 2019 is the one that has led to these accusations by Karen.

Karen Francis said Boity stole the song from her song titled, ‘Cake’ which Karen published on YouTube on the 1st of November 2018. Therefore these two songs are four months apart.

Karen is the one who released and posted the song first and now she is alleging that Boity stole her song . Karen has taken the legal route against Boity before.

However, the UK based also said she was currently pursuing her legal options as she has claimed that Boity indeed stole her song. She added that she could recognise her signature and her structure on Boity’s song.

Meanwhile, Karen is waiting for forensic analysts who are able to prove that ‘ Bakae’ was manipulated by Boity from her own song ‘Cake’. Boity has been accused of not writing her own music.