Hungani and Stephanie Ndlovu recently revealed why they did not practice Lobola negotiations prior the wedding.

According to their YouTube video, the couple did not believe in Lobola. Stephanie’s family have never practiced it but they were willing to participate if Hungani’s family was up for it.

At a family gathering meant for introductions and exchange of gifts, Hungani’s uncle came wearing a traditional attire ready to kick start the Lobola negotiations.

However Stephanie’s father came unprepared for such an occasion. Stephanie is not entirely black and it is understandable why the family does not practice the Lobola.

On the other hand many were left puzzled as to why Hungani’s family did not insist on the Lobola negotiations since they are of Tsonga origin and Lobola is important in African tradition.

The couple ended up having a small wedding with few family members and close friends. Both Hungani and Stephanie are actors on Scandal they did not want to burden themselves with a big wedding ceremony.