Actress Sophie Lichaba had revealed how negative comments about her illness affects her. She has been called all sorts of names ever since she lost weight especially on social media.

Regardless when Mandla N told her that he has a role for a mentally disturbed woman who is also emotionally and physically scarred, Sophie jumped at the opportunity.

The role is that of Palesa a head nurse at a mental institution, a far cry from roles she used to lend of glamorous characters. The role requires someone without make-up something Sophie said was not comfortable with.

She said she was afraid of what people would say but she could not let the opportunity to silence those who said she was dead pass.

Her role as Palesa has made her a household name once again as she has wowed fans with all her acting on lockdown.

Sophie related to Palesa’s struggle with illness, the role is helping her heal from her own personal scars. Despite all the negative rumours, the actress said she was still happy with her family.