Werner Wessels is the creative consultant for Miss South Africa Pageant. He has assisted a number of contestants to win the crown.

Wessels is also the fashion director and mentor of some of Miss South Africa contestants who have gone to participate and win crowns at global pageant events such as Miss Universe and Miss World.

He started watching Miss South Africa Pageant in 1993 and he also went to the same high school with Melinda Bam who won the crown in 2011.

Wessels worked closely with Melinda Bam up until she went to participate in the Miss Universe pageant where she came out in the top ten.

In addition to that he worked with Rolene Strauss who won Miss South Africa 2014. Wessels assisted Demi Leigh Nel-Peters before becoming the creative consultant at Miss South Africa.

His assistance and support helped Ntando Kunene, Liesl Laurie and Marilyn Ramos to wear the crowns. Wessels now works with all contestants who partake in Miss South Africa Pageant.