As beloved as the Fergusons are rumours have been circling around about them being horrible bosses as stories increase in numbers from actors and actresses who suffered unfair treatment at the hands of the couple.

This time they have fired Dineo Langa who has been allegedly fired from the Queen, a production she has been with since it’s inception in 2016.

Her offence was to ask for a three month leave in order to shoot with another production. The leave was granted but the actress received an email that informed her not to come back to work after the suspension of lockdown.

However the reason why she was fired is that she is close to Rami Chuene, an actress who was fired from the Queen and spoke out against the couple’s treatment of actors and actresses.

A close source said Dineo was distraught about her dismissal as she thought the Fergusons were family and her leave has been granted. Many actors and actresses who were fired also cried foul of unfair treatment.

Rami Chuene and SK Khoza were not happy about the couple’s treatment. Zinande has to leave the show because she fell pregnant. Cindy Mahlangu is also leaving the show.