Lerato Kganyago discusses friendship and what she thinks about squads and people that have one too many friends.

Squads are good when people share the same ideologies, thus they can have meaningful conversations and they have a special connection that brings them together.

However, people sometimes sacrifice their happiness and dreams in order to be part of a click . One must be able to live and be independent outside a click for personal growth.

According to Lerato she has friends in the entertainment industry and some who are not in the industry. She is friends with people whom she feels comfortable with and be happy and be herself without fear of being discussed when she is not around them.

She added that friends must not fear to reprimand each other. As for having many friends Lerato said it has advantages and disadvantages because some people are deceptive. Not all friends can be trusted.

Finally, they concluded that it is good to cut people off but it’s not always wise to change friends constantly. One must not launch a new best friend every two months.