YouTuber Lasizwe Dambuza is said to have given his friend actor Cedric Fourie the boot meaning that he will not be part of the new season of Fake it till You make it.

Fake it till You make it is a reality show that focuses on Lasizwe’s life. Cedric Fourie has been exed and replaced with Lasizwe’s sister Chantel in the show.

Fake it till You make it is aired on MTV and it follows Lasizwe’s life featuring his professional life mostly as someone trying to make it in Mzansi’s entertainment industry.

Leaving out Fourie follows the show’s shifting focus to show more of Lasizwe’s personal life as well hence the introduction of his sister.

In an interview with Tshisa live, he revealed that he sometimes find himself in a deep dark place and want his viewers not only to see that it is common but that they can push through it.

He added that there was a big difference between Lasizwe and Thulasizwe Dambuza. The departure of Fourie left many thinking that there was beef between them but Lasizwe decided not to comment on it.

Fans will have to look out for Lasizwe’s cute son and how he is adapting to being a new father. Shooting of the current season has been put on hold due to Coronavirus.