DJ Tira has responded to the allegations that he wants to see TNS dead. TNS’ real name is Sthembiso Nkazimulo, he hails from Mandeni in KwaZulu-Natal.

TNS is a music producer from Durban. The singer has pleaded for his life to be spared. He said those who want him dead can take his music and everything but not his life.

In a live Instagram video, the 21 year old music producer said there is a group of artists called Durban United that is trying to kill him and was skimming against him.

He added that the Durban group of artists formed a WhatsApp group and they were after his music. It is alledged that Dj Tira is the leader of this group of artists from Durban.

TNS is popular for producing hit songs such as ‘Club Controller, My Dali, Banomoya, and Uzongilinda. He said he has no one, he doesn’t have a family or anyone thus he was begging for his life.

Meanwhile DJ Tira responded to the allegations calling them false accusations. He even sent tweets that proved that he helped TNS with his record label TNS records sometime back.