With people in lockdown most have found other activities to keep them busy. People have been doing challenges on Tik-Tok.

YouTuber Yanga recently joined Tik-Tok and she managed to get 9 million views from one of her videos. One month ago she had only 2500 followers.

She saw a video of an abusive boyfriend online and the video was so emotional she decided to do her own version of the abusive video which she posted on her Tik-Tok.

After about an hour or two she started getting a lot of followers. The video received a lot of views and likes and by end of day she had attracted about 4000 followers.

The following morning she had just over 10 000 followers and the views were over 50 000 . By end of day she had managed to get 23 000 followers. The video kept receiving many views and attracting followers for her.

On the 15th of April her video had attracted 68 000 followers on Tik-Tok. It took her one month to have such a following, the video now has 9 million views and 1.3 million likes. She said she was so grateful to God for her successful Tik-Tok video.