In Africa Indian families are found among the wealthiest group of families. In South Africa the Gupta family is possibly one of the most influential family in the world.

The Gupta brothers are Ajay, Atul and Rajesh, they hail from Saharanpurj in India. They settled in Johannesburg where they got connected to politicians who made their work in getting wealthy a lot easier by getting state deals.

Their wealth grew from 1.3 million rands to billions of rands in just two decades. Their business empire spans from computer equipment to media and mining. They run newspapers like the New Age and a television news channel ANN7.

In mining they have shares in Oakbay resources and energy. Uranium and gold mining and processing company the Shiva. Uranium mine Tegeta exploration and Resources Westdawn Investments.

They also have interests in the passenger airline Jet Airways. Atul Gupta was the 7th richest person in South Africa in 2016. The family employed more than 10 000 people.

The Guptas own an expensive mansion in Dubai and the Sahara Estate which comprises of four mansions in Johannesburg. They were accused of signing corrupt deals with former President Jacob Zuma and his ministers.

They were also accused of trying to capture the state. Following investigations in their corrupt activities, their 250 million dollars worth of property was seized.