Watch as Dr Malinga gets interviewed by SABC Express in his beautiful home during the lockdown.

Dr Malinga’s family presently has 5 kids!

His wife is expecting twins and Dr Malinga says he is helping her as much as he can. However, he says he can not cook as he has only ever known how to cook pap!

Dr Malinga says he is enjoying staying home with his family and has now composed a number of Coronavirus songs!


Dr Malinga says big and small events are cancelled but life is not cancelled.

On people who are resisting the lockdown, Dr Malinga said such people are resisting to live as this is not just a government matter, but a matter of life and death.

Dr Malinga says the lockdown is like a reset, where everyone will come out at the other site with a desire to make a positive change.

He also bought his youngest child a toy car and says he enjoys pushing him around in the house!