DJ Tira and Naak MusiQ have been reported for breaking lockdown rules. Mthokozisi Khathi aka Dj Tira and Benjamin O’Neil can’t seem to coexist as neighbours.

Their neighborhood feud seems to be escalating. Last time O’Neal got into a physical altercation with DJ Tira’s wife that resulted in both parties opening cases against each other at the police.

This time around Benjamin O’Neil has opened a case against the Khathis family and other neighbours for breaching lockdown rules.

DJ Tira’s family, O’Neil’s family and Anga Makubulo aka Naak MusiQ stay at Willowbrook estate. The families are neighbours and under normal circumstances they are friends.

The families are moving between houses visiting one another during lockdown. O’Neil decided to open a case against them at Honeydew Police Station on Friday.

He added that one minute you see them at the Khathis and another minute at Naak MusiQ’s house. It’s back and fourth for the whole time.

O’Neil accused them of bringing female friends who do not stay at Willowbrook. The feud between these families seems to be far from over.