Thando Thabethe recently left her job at 5FM and now she has started a trend which started with ‘Why I Resigned From @5Fm’.

Thabooty drive was cancelled and Thando has decided to spill the beans on the motives behind it and the reasons why she resigned at 5FM after being on the show for over 5 years.

However, Thando said she was forced to resign. The Program Manager cancelled her show without her knowledge.

Before the she show was cancelled she had tried to negotiate for a 200 Rand /hour raise in her yearly contractual negotiations.


The Program Manager is reported to have told the bosses that Thando had asked for a 20% increase and also 6 weeks leave. Thando had agreed to a two weeks leave.

Thando was also offered weekends of 4-7 slots which in her view was an insult to her eleven years of radio career.

The radio personality added that there is a trend at SABC to frustrate talent thus she left 5FM just like how DJ Fresh left Metro FM.