President Cyril Ramaphosa has placed Communications Minister Stella Ndebeni-Abrahams, on two months special leave for breaking lockdown rules.

Minister Ndebeni-Abrahams failed in her capacity as a leader to lead by example when she decided not to follow the 21 days lockdown regulations.

The Minister violated the lockdown regulations by visiting a friend who was hosting a lunch in contravention of the regulations.

President Ramaphosa said no one was above the law including Ministers, therefore the law must take it’s course, thus the Minister had to face the consequences just like anyone in the country who violates the rules.

The President on Tuesday, 7 April 2020, reprimanded Minister Ndebeni-Abrahams before ordering her to issue a public apology.

She was placed on two months special leave with one month unpaid. Jackson Mthembu will take over as the acting Minister in Ndabeni’s absence.