South African Afro Jazz musician Simphiwe Dana has advocated for street vendors to be allowed to go back into the streets and continue with their businesses.

This comes after President Cyril Ramaphosa declared a 21day National lockdown in South Africa forcing people including vendors to stay indoors.

Shops will be open since the President said they are part of essential services. However street vendors sell essential goods close to communities.

Simphiwe took to Twitter to air her disgruntlement.


“I do agree that if shops are open and seen as an essential service, street vendors must be regarded as the same. Beyond that we all need to be more responsible with our utterances during this very difficult time. I like how India is tackling the issue of street vendors”

Dana urged Ramaphosa’s government to provide citizens with free masks and to copy India when it comes to the issue of vendors.

In addition to that the singer also pleaded with the government to negotiate with financial institutions and Banks to freeze bills.

She acknowledged that the lockdown may end up lasting longer. This may result in people ending up finding it hard to afford food while indoors.

Other celebrities who include Somizi Mhlongo and Prince Kaybee also had their opinions concerning the issue of vendors.

They called for fellow citizens to buy from street vendors and for those who can afford to donate.