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Meet Sho Majozi’s Father and Why People Are Shocked

Sho Majozi’s real name is Maya Christinah Xichavo Madjozi. She is a South African Rapper , singer, songwriter, actress and poet. She is regarded as one of the best artists in Africa. Sho Majozi incorporates the Tsonga culture through her music and public image.

Almost everyone thought Sho Majozi is Tsonga. Surprisingly Sho posted a picture with her father and it came as a shock that her father is white.

This means Sho is not Tsonga. Yes her mother is Tsonga but that doesn’t make her Tsonga, but she is actually a mix of Tsonga and white. However in normal cases you are what your father is meaning she is not Tsonga.

People have been taking it to social media showing how shocked they are that her father is white. Some say its starting to make sense judging from her skin and beauty.

The main question is why doesn’t she empress the white culture. Actually she has never talked about her father before. However from how the picture came out, she is the one who put it out so she can’t be embarrassed about her father.